Individual Services


Lawn Mowing

 Our team of mowers will do an exceptional job on your lawn. Our mowing service includes mowing, edge trimming and blowing grass clippings off your walkways and driveway for a clean finished look. Our clients may choose to either have the grass removed and taken to the green depot or mulched back into your lawn for nutrients.  


Spring Clean Up


After a wet and snowy winter your lawn will need clean up for optimum health during spring growth. We will rake all debris from your lawn and flower beds and remove it to the nearest green depot for composting.





Aeration is a fast, effective and affordable way to revive your lawn. It reduces harmful thatch that builds up on your lawn and breaks up compacted soil that can suffocate your lawn. The small holes made in your lawn improves air circulation and allows much needed water and nutrients reach the soil and promote healthy roots and grass.




Give your lawn a boost. We will fertilize your lawn with a premium time released fertilizer that won't burn your lawn. Your lawn will thank you with thicker, greener and healthy grass. You can get a single application or full season fertilizing package of three applications, spring, early summer and fall.  


Moss Control

Moss is one of the most common lawn issues we encounter. Moss will choke out your grass and prevent a healthy lush thick green lawn. We will use our equipment to remove as much of the moss from your lawn as possible. We will then spray your lawn with pet, child and environmentally safe moss control product. This is a great way to reclaim your lawn.




Want to take your lawn to the next level? Over time lawns have a build up of thatch, dead grass, leaves and organic matter, that prevents water and nutrients to reaching your lawns roots, one of the greatest contributors to healthy grass. Dethatching is a mechanical process that removes the thatch from your lawn and allows for water and nutrients to work to their full potential.




Revitalize your thin brown lawn with overseeding. This low cost alternative to laying down turf will promote new growth and give you a thicker, more lush lawn. Cooler weather in spring and fall promote strong blade growth.



We know weeds can take over your flower beds and gardens. We will come and remove those weeds and and restore or maintain your garden to be the focal point of your yard.   


Fall Leaf Clean Up

 Let us help you clear out those leaves and branches in your yard. A debris-free lawn is an important step to promoting a solid spring start.