Giving Back to Our Community

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Giving back to our community is very important to us at Reliable Lawn Care Ltd and we are very grateful our community has chosen us to provide services to so many. We believe there is no better way than to provide some totally free no obligation lawn care to deserving people and families.   

Here is how it works. 

Each month we invite you to send us the information of a person or family in need along with a brief explanation as to why you are nominating them. You can be anonymous or not to the recipient, that is your call. Some examples are:

  • Maybe they are a single parent without the time to mow their lawn or their time would be better used spending time with their children. 
  • Maybe they got a notice for the city saying their lawn needs to be mowed and they do not have the ability or resources to mow their lawn. 
  • Maybe they just lost a family member and the last thing they should be worrying about is needing to mow their lawn.
  • Maybe they themselves serve our community and you would like to recognize them.  

Out of the nominations our owners will choose the recipient and contact them and offer the free service. If they decline, we will choose another recipient. As we grow we will offer free services to more and more nominees with the ultimate goal of providing free lawn service to all nominees.

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We accept nominations from anyone. Just click the button below and tell us a little about the need for free lawn care or why you would like to reward this person with totally free lawn care.