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Spring Services

Clean up

After a wet and snowy winter your lawn will need clean up for optimum health during spring growth. We will rake all debris from your lawn and flower beds and remove it to the nearest green depot for composting.


Aeration ensures nutrients can reach the soil beneath your grass. This is vital to a healthy lawn as it allows air, water and fertilizer to penetrate built-up grass or lawn thatch.


Fertilizing gives your yard the much needed nutrients required for a lush green lawn. A spring application of fertilizer will give your lawn the head start it needs for summer growth. 

More Spring Services


Revitalize your thin brown lawn with overseeding. This low cost alternative to laying down turf will promote new growth and give you a thicker, more lush lawn.  Cooler weather in spring and fall promote strong blade growth.  

Moss Control

If moss is over-taking your lawn, this can be managed. We will apply a moss treatment and/or rake and remove the over-reaching moss. 


Our team of mowers will do an exceptional job on your lawn. Our mowing service includes mowing, edge trimming and blowing grass clippings off your walkways and driveway for a clean finished look. Our clients may choose to either have the grass removed and taken to the green depot or mulched back into your lawn for nutrients.